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Darkest Thoughts

Today is the publication day for Darkest Thoughts in the USA.


Review of 59 Minutes

Thanks to Sharon Bairden for this great review of '59 Minutes'.


Finished Typing - New Book(s)

And I type the final words, one on an edit, one on a new book.


Bloody Scotland - Crime on the Costa

This is the second year that Bloody Scotland authors have been invited to participate in Xabia Negra.


Witch Hunt

For the Four Blokes upcoming night in Rothesay (Friday 19th October) I thought it might be worth creating a Bute themed short story. Based on a true story, I may have taken a few liberties with some facts.


My Bloody Scotland (in 500 Words)

This isn’t the story of this year’s Bloody Scotland. There are plenty of brilliant people that have already worn down those cobbles. This is an emptying of my mind about, what is now, one of the most important crime festivals on the planet. I can’t bottle Bloody Scotland........


New USA Book Deal

It all started back in Colorado Springs in the spring of 2013.


Blog Tour

Thanks to Anne Cater at Random Things Tours I'm on tour. Read more.


Bloody Scotland

Crime in the Spotlight

Now that the line up for Bloody Scotland has been launched - see www.bloodyscotland.com it's now time for my favorite bit - the call for entries into Crime in the Spotlight. It's the chance for debut authors to get a chance to be the support act to some of the biggest names in crime writing. All you have to do is enter here https://bloodyscotland.com/take-part/spotlight/


Gordon Brown's writing in 2017/18 - and why the 23rd of April 2018 is so important.

My New Year celebrations were muted this year and January the 1st was less of a haze than usual. This gave me time to reflect on the year gone and the year ahead, not something I'm often given to do. Here's my thoughts from back then and now 2017 was a whirlwind from a writing point of view. I've had three books published. Falling Too (the sequel to Falling) was released in the U.S.A. In the UK, Darkest Thoughts and Furthest Reaches were launched (with the third book in the Craig McIntyre series, Deepest Wounds, due out in early 2018). I've also had work appear in two short story anthologies (HES's 'Bloody Scotland' and the CWA's 'Mystery Tour'). At Bouchercon, in Toronto, a short story anthology I was included in (Blood on the Bayou) won the Anthony for best short story anthology. Add this all up and it's been a hell of a writing streak. But there's more. With the bulk of the writing for all the above having been done in late 2016 and early 2017 I sat down, mid year, and said - 'What next?' I had no idea if there would be a third Falling book or a fourth Craig McIntyre. I didn't want to stop writing, so I decided that maybe this was the time to look at a third series. But where to start? As with everything I've ever written I just sat down at the laptop and typed a first line - and kept going. As I sip my tea on January the 1st, I'm a month or so off finishing the new work. I have engaged the services of a fellow writer, Russel McLean, to help knock the manuscript into shape. So, with the New Year not twenty four hours old, I'm putting my feet up, watching the TV and smiling. Roll forward to today. The new novel is complete and is with a few publishers to see if I get a bite. I've started the third Falling book and plan to work on the fourth Craig McIntyre novel soon. We are well into planning for Bloody Scotland 2018 and I'm considering going to Bouchercon, this year in St Petersburg, Florida. However, there is something much more more important than any of this is and that is Monday the 23rd April 2018. That is the date of my wedding anniversary - my 30th anniversary - 30 years since I married Lesley - and I wouldn't change a second of it. And, despite the recent whirlwind of writing, my anniversary tops it all - by a mile - by a country mile - by a thousand country miles. All I want to say to Lesley is thank you for a magical 30 years, thank you for all your support, thank you for being there and here's to thirty more. Finally I just want to say, with all my heart, 'I Love You'?


David Adam - The Genius Within

I'm just off the back of chairing as session at Aye Write with David Adam on the subject of near enhancement. Now there's a subject worth looking up if you have a few hours to kill. Thanks to David for being such an easy person to chair and no thanks to me for forgetting to take any pictures.


Digital Writers' Lab

I took part in an BeeBooks and Bloody Scotland initiative called the Digital Writers' Lab where they paired me up with author Abhijnan Roychowdhury to chat on all things 'place'. V cool. http://digitalwriterslab.in/single.php?pid=30


Crime Review Review

A cool review from the Crime Review site for Darkest Thoughts. www.crimereview.co.uk/page.php/review/5655


Reading Agency - Book of the Year 2017

Darkest Thoughts has been picked by Reading Groups for Everyone as one of the books of the year for 2017. Reading Groups for Everyone celebrates reading groups across the UK and is run by the book loving team at national charity The Reading Agency. For more info click here http://readinggroups.org/find-a-book


Mystery Tour

I'm just back from Sunny Spain (you have to say it that way - it's an official rule when describing the country). I was attending the Xabia Negra festival, an event set up to celebrate all things noir. Myself and two fellow authors, Alxandra Sokoloff and Craig Robertson, were invited (under the auspices of Bloody Scotland) to attend and participate in a panel.


Bouchercon 2017

It started with losing my voice, moved to launching a book and ended with an ‘award’. That’s the top and tail of my Bouchercon 2017 in Toronto. For those who don’t know what Bouchercon is, it’s the biggest mystery/thriller (crime/thriller to us of a UK persuasion) convention of its type in North America. Seven panels running at the same time, with up to five authors on each panel from dawn to dusk – all over three and half days – that’s a hell of a lot of crime (mystery).


The Big Thrill

I’m participating in a roundtable discussion on the Big Thrill website


Tidelines and Byres Rd Festival

The last few days have been fun. It started on Friday night when I chaired an event called Banned Books with Claire Gray and ‘Nippy Nora’ at the Tidelines Festival.


Publication Day for Falling Too

A huge thanks to Eric Campbell of Down & Out Books for publishing Falling Too. It’s the sequel to my first book, Falling, and has a hell of a streamline ‘The Crime of the Century is about to be Committed- Again.’


Bloody Scotland – My Top Five Moments

I’m sitting at the back of St Osmand’s High School in Stirling listening to Helen Grant as she describes a visit to the catacombs of Paris. She draws an ‘Ooooh’ from the S2 pupils with a picture of skulls and bones. This is my start to Bloody Scotland 2017.


Bloody Scotland Anthology

Look what just arrived. Thanks to HES for including me in this. Historic Environment Scotland. Can be bought at all good book suppliers.


All Live in Spain

Tune in on Sunday 13th August from 1.00pm – 4.00pm CET for live chilled music from the sunny Costa Blanca.


Scot Lit Fest – LIVE

In a fit of ‘insert word that means madness’ I’m going to be part of an experiment on Sunday the 23rd ofJuly from 10.00am to 2.00pm on Facebook.


First Draft Done

Stuck this magic words, The End, on a first draft of a new novel. mo McIntyre, no Wings – all new crime book – series?


Bloody Scotland – the Launch and the Anthology

Due to the vagaries of WordPress I’ve been banned from my own website for a month. So time for a quick update.


Darkest Thoughts Launch Night – Thursday, 27th April

The launch of Darkest Thoughts will take place at 6:30pm on the 27th of April at Waterstones Argyle Street. My publisher has printed a special edition of all three books in the trilogy for the evening.


Sunday Times Crime Club

Myself, with the help from a few below authors made the Sunday Times Crime Club this month:


Look What Arrived in the Post

Look What Arrived in the Post


Falling Too

I’m delighted to say that, after a few years in the wilderness, that Charlie Wings, the star of Falling, is to make a comeback in Falling Too – a new novel, to be released by http://www.downandoutbooks.com in September 2017. A big thanks to Eric and the team and Down & Out Books.