Bloody Scotland 2016 – My Top 5 Moments

I’m sitting in my dressing gown on the Monday morning. My head is mince and my body is telling me that I’m not 21.


Sunday Herald

My essay, done in the run up to Bloody Scotland appeared today. Cool. http://www.heraldscotland.com/opinion/14721987.Essay_of_the_week__The_power_of_fear/


Crime Book Junkie

My first Craig McIntyre short story is on Crime Book Junkie. Let me know if it cuts the mustard? http://www.crimebookjunkie.co.uk/2016/08/gordon-brown-partners-in-crime-special/


Femmes Fatales

I’ve written a guest post on the Femmes Fatales website – thanks to Catriona McPherson for letting me muscle in on the website. Click away and read: http://www.femmesfatales.typepad.com/my_weblog/2016/08/the-special-relationship.html


Bute Noir – Crime on an Island

I got off the train at Weymms Bay station, dragged my bag through the category A listed, turn of the century, railway station and joined the rag tag line of passengers waiting on the ferry to Rothesay.


Bute Noir

Running order for Bute Noir.


Bute Noir

To add to the current Crime Factor tour I’ll be appearing in Bute Noir on the 5th and 6th of August. Great line up.


American Booksellers and Readers

A message from Denise Minah and I was asked to attend a small soiree with a visiting crowd of U.S. booksellers and readers at the Indigo Hotel. I wasn’t sure what to expect. What I got was a lovely evening talking books with the visitors, catching up with fellow authors and taking a break from the real world.


A Walk in the Hills

I remember, after a few pints, saying that I quite fancied joining the Bloody Scotland team on the Caledonia Challenge. A few tweets later and I was signed up. Then, being male, I read little on the subject.


Caledonia Challenge

Along with four other authors; Chris Brookmyre, Doug Johnstone, Craig Robertson and Matt Bendoris I’m off to undertake the Caledonia Challenge this weekend. 24 miles in 12 hours over a few wee hills on the West highland Way starting at Fort William. If you fancy donating to a good charitable cause click on the link. Also there is a small message from the team.


Crime Factor 2016 – the tour goes on

Here are the upcoming dates for the Crime Factor tour with Mark Leggat, Neil Broadfoot and Douglas Skelton. Thursday June 2 – the AK Bell Library, Perth, in association with Waterstones Perth Thursday June 9 – Behind the Wall, Falkirk, in association with Waterstones Falkirk Thursday June 16 – Carnegie Library, Ayr, in association with Waterstones Ayr Thursday June 23 – Reuben’s, Dunfermline, in association with Waterstones Dunfermline Thursday June 30 – Waterstones, East Kilbride, in association with guess who? Thursday July 14 – Blackwells, Edinburgh.


Omnimystery – or how I used my grandparent’s house as a setting for a key moment in Falling

Thanks to the Lance at Omnimystery for a great article.


Free Short Story

I’ve no idea where this one came from but it seemed like a good idea at the time – enjoy.


Crime Factor 2016

Great to be on tour with Neil, Douglas and Mark. Looking forward to the banter, insults and general chaos that this promises.


Falling in the U.S.

It behoves me to say a few words about the U.S. launch of Falling.


U.S. Launch Day

Big day for me today. Falling is launched in the United States. Big thanks to Eric at Down & Out Books for the faith. Amazon


Mass Reading

Some of my colleagues in the U.S. pre ordered copies of Falling and sent me a photo of a mass reading in their office in New York on Park Avenue South. V cool.



Just cool.


Pre Order Links

The pre order links for Falling are now live – pass onto anyone in the U.S. that you know that might like a Scottish crime book.


Falling to America

The pre order for the US launch of Falling is up and running.


J. L. Abramo

See the attached link. J. L. Abramo (Joe)’s seventh book is coming out on Down & Out Books this month. If you like grit and hard guys – click here.


New Short Story

My first book, Falling, is due to be launched in the United States next month. As part of the promotional activity I’ve written a short story ‘prequel’. You can find it on the Down & Out book website. Enjoy. ‘Before I Fell.’


Meltdown Giveaway

As the Christmas period approaches and since the giveaway of The Catalyst did so well I thought I’d set up a new giveaway, this time for the second in the Craig McIntyre series, Meltdown.


New Start

I’ve just posted the following on Facebook and Twitter. ‘I need a line to star a new story. Happy to credit anyone that can help.’ Why?


So What if I Want to Write Like an American?

While the first in my Craig McIntyre thriller series The Catalyst is free for a very brief amount of time on Kindle I thought I’d write about why I changed its setting from Glasgow to the US…


New newsletter

Just thought I’d drop in to say I’ve now got a shiny new monthly newsletter (well, I’m aiming for monthly) that will include updates on the third book in the Craig McIntyre series (coming very soon), info on any events I’ll be attending and maybe some special deals and promotions only for newsletter subscribers.


First Draft of new Craig McIntyre Novel

Just put the full stop on the next Craig McIntyre novel. Provisionally entitled Dynamite and due out early to mid next year. Time for a beer.


A Bad Day at the Office

My new promotional video for the Craig McIntyre series. This was great fun to make.


So What If I Want To Write Like An American

With a little help from my friends here’s an article on the difference between American and Scottish Crime Writing. Crime Of It All


Westender Magazine Feature

A cool thing to do – interviewed outside my gran’s old flat by WESTENDER Magazine – why? – because the final scene of my first book was set in her house. WESTENDER MAGAZINE