Crime in the Spotlight

Crime in the Spotlight


Bloody Scotland – post event blues

Well it’s all over for 2015 – a record year with more memories than I care to catalogue. Highlights were the panel with Tom Wood, Simon Kernick and Mason Cross, chairing Chris Brookmyre, introducing ‘Crime in the Spotlight’, officiating at the Curly Coo, meeting Martina Cole and so much more. Here’s to 2016.


Bloody Scotland

Out of the gate on Bloody Scotland – 5 authors to introduce as part of the ‘Crime in Spotlight’ initiative, interviewing Chris Brookmyre, on stage with Mason Cross, Tom Wood and Simon Kernick and helping out at the Curly Coo – pictures soon.



A great review of The Catayst at Big Al’s Books & Pals


Film Star

My friends at SteinIAS have been helping me out. So far I’ve been covered in dirt, blood, beaten up. wrapped in tape, tied to a chair and attacked with a crow bar – all in the name of shooting a video for my Craig McIntyre series. Teaser attached – full video soon.


Me and the First Minister

Bumped into the First Minister at the airport in New York today.


US Publication with Down & Out Books

I’m delighted that Down & Out Books have signed up to publish Falling, my first book, in the US next year. A big thanks to Eric Campbell for having faith in me.Down & Out Books


Free e-Book

This weekend I am launching my four novels on amazon e-books under the author name of G.J. Brown (although they will also temporarily be available under Gordon Brown).


Missing in Action

I’ve been remiss in my update of the website. With work being full on, Bloody Scotland taking shape and writing taking up all my spare time I’ve been web shy. I’ve just agreed to a new event at Bookpoint in Dunoon on the 16th May. For your diaries Bloody Scotland – see www.bloodyscotland.com is from the 11th to the 13th of September with the programme being launched on the 3rd of June.


Launch Night

Has a brilliant night at the launch of Meltdown with a full house and we sold out of books. A big thanks to everyone that came along and to Waterstone’s on Argyle St for hosting the event.


Launch of Meltdown

I’ve had a couple of great pieces of coverage in the press from both the Sun and the Daily Record for the launch of Meltdown.


Meltdown Launch – November 13th

The launch of Meltdown will take place on November the 13th at Waterstones, Argyle St in Glasgow. The multi talented Shari Low has agreed to act as compere for the evening. Should be fun.


Meltdown – New Craig McIntyre Novel

Meltdown, published by Gallus, will be launched in November. As a taster here is the back cover blurb.


‘The Time Thief’

Life from the In-Between


The Catalyst Now Available On line

After a long and arduous battle with the world of eBooks ‘The Catalyst’ is now available on line through a variety of routes including Amazon at the amazingly low price of £1.81. http://www.amazon.co.uk/The-Catalyst-Gordon-Brown-ebook/dp/B00LFJGA1S/ref=sr_1_sc_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1404289410&sr=8-2-spell&keywords=catlayst+gordon+brown


Independent Bookseller Week – Dunoon 28/6/14

Doing a gig for Independent Bookseller Week in Dunoon at Bookpoint this Saturday at 12.00pm


Life from the In-Between

‘The Big Apple’


Life from the In-Between

‘Buying Stuff.’


Life from the In-Between

‘Keep Calm and …’


Life from the In-Between

‘The Lad’s Weekend’



As part of the run up to Bloody Scotland I’m interviewing Louise Welsh and Chris Brookmyre on the 4th and 5th of June respectivly for our main sponsor, Mazars, launch events. Looking forward to it.


Life from the In-Between

‘The Distraction of Focus’


Making a Commitment

I really haven’t got a handle on this web thing at all.


Bloody Scotland 2014

Can’t reveal any of the names for this year’s event but things are looking good. As a founding committee member my biggest goal for Bloody Scotland is not to end up on the same time as one of the star attractions – last year I ended up opposite Jo Nesbo. You’d think I’d have some influence.


New Book

First draft of the new book is done. Tentatively called Meltdown. The good news is that Craig McIntyre from The Catalyst is back.


Book Week Scotland

Bloody Scotland is going on tour. for full details see here – www.scottishbooktrust.com/reading/book-week-scotland/about


Bloody Scotland – what a weekend

So Bloody Scotland is over for year 2. What a weekend. Record ticket sales, great events and brilliant feedback from the audiences. I met some wonderful authors (and drank with some ’till late in the night) – said hello to Lee Child, drove William McIlvanney home, made tequila cocktails on stage, talked nonsense with Doug Johnston and Craig Robertson on a panel, acted as taxi driver, dressed up in a pink apron and abused my liver. All in all a great Bloody Scotland. But the first committee meeting for 2014 is tomorrow? It all starts once more.


Sneak Preview

A sneak preview of an interview I did for http://theresbeenamurder.wordpress.com


Bloody Scotland

I’ve just spent two nights interviewing William McILvanney at the National Library (Wednesday night) and Chris Broookmyre (last night) at the Mitchell Library for the Bloody Scotland sponsors Mazars. Two magic nights. I’d thoroughly recommend, if you’ve not done so, that you go and discover the Laidlaw trilogy by William and Chris’s latest book – Flesh Wounds. Looking forward to Bloody Scotland – Jo Nesbo just sold out. Great news as my panel was on at the same time so now you can’t see Jo you can see Gordon, Doug and me.



Amazon can be a curse and a blessing – today it’s a blessing – reviews from Amazon for The Catalyst – and before you ask I don’t know who they are.