Ten – a short story published daily – Part 19.

Ten – part 19.


Ten – a short story published daily – Part 18.

Ten – part 18.


Ten – a short story published daily – Part 17.

Ten – part 17.


Ten – a short story published daily – Part 16.

Ten – part 16.


Ten – a short story published daily – Part 15.

Ten – part 15.


A reader!!!!

Always nice when you get sent a picture of someone reading your book. The fact he’s a great friend is even better – trust me your best friends can be your biggest critics. Thanks Andy.


Ten – a short story published daily – Part 14.

Ten – part 14.


Ten – a short story published daily – Part 13.

Ten – part 13.I’m seated on a stool and it feels like there is a hole in the middle of it. My trousers are round my ankles and both feet are fixed to the floor. Cold wood against my buttocks and feet. I struggle to move but I’m fixed tight. In the dim light supplied by the cracks in the door I inspect the fixings that hold me in place. Ancient manacles, from your best Hammer House of Horror movie, wrap round my wrist and are held on the damp, stone wall by rusting chains. My feet sit in stocks held shut by a brass padlock and fixed to the floor with bread roll sized bolts. I don’t have to figure hard why I’m sitting on a stool with hole and my pants at my ankles. I struggle against the restraints but they are rock solid. My mouth is dry. A dusty carpet. Sucked of moisture. I try to shout out but the noise is an ant’s fart. My tongue roots around for liquid but swollen and spilt it finds none. My body’s desire for water doesn’t seem to stop it needing to vent some. My gut is drum tight and I’m fit to burst. I try to hold on but after twenty minutes I let rip and torrent bounces of metal beneath me. For a moment the relief is wonderful and then the door swings open and the Bearded Man walks in. This time he has a hunting knife in his hand.


Ten – a short story published daily – Part 12.

Ten – part 12.


Ten – a short story published daily – Part 11.

Ten – part 11.


Ten – part 10.

It’s amazing what a loaded 12 bore can do to make you overcome a gubbed ankle. My pace is dictated by the pressure of the barrels. Drilling into my skin. The Bearded Man is in a hurry and there will be a dance floor full of bruises around my spine to deal with if I get through this. He coughs. ‘To the right.’ ‘I can’t see.’ ‘You don’t need to see – just walk.’ My feet are turning to blocks as the lack of shoes sucks the heat into the cobbles below. I want to inch forward but the Bearded Man is urging me to take up one hundred metre pace. My toe takes a brick wall full on and I shout out. ‘Shut up and work your way to the left.’ I grab at the stone wall and Marcel Marceau my way along the brickwork. My hand hits a right angle and I stop. ‘Keep going. Follow the wall.’ The Bearded Man has done this before. Four turns later and I feel like a blind mouse in a maze. My hand hits wood. I hesitate. ‘Take another three steps and stop.’ I obey and with a click a lock is thrown. ‘Inside.’ ‘Look…’ The barrel of the gun burst my cheek open and shatters a crown I’ve need seeing to for a while. ‘ ‘IN. NOW.’ I stagger through the doorway and feel cold earth beneath my feet. A shove in the back and the door is slammed shut.


Ten – a short story published daily – Part 9.

Ten – part 9


Ten – a short story published daily – Part 8.

Ten – part 8.


Ten – a short story published daily – Part 7.

Ten – part 7


Ten – a short story published daily – Part 6.

Ten – part 6


Ten – a short story published daily – Part 5.

Ten – part 5


Ten – a short story published daily – Part 4.

Ten – part 4.


Ten – a short story published daily – part 3.

Ten – part 3.


Ten – a short story published daily – part 2.

Ten – part 2


Ten – a short story published daily – Part 1.

Ten – part 1


Bloody Scotland – Glengoyne – Special Short Story

I’ve just finished the short story for Glengoyne to be published in their web site in daily ‘250 word.’ chunks. When it goes live I’ll place a link.


Bloody Scotland/Glengoyne Serial

As I’m always up for a challenge I’ve agreed with Glengoyne to produce a crime short story in serial form on the run up to the Bloody Scotland festival. This will be published on their website on a weekly basis. This necessitates a visit to the distillery before I kick off and potentially a grueling lunch and tasting of their fine whisky – well someone has to do.


Bloody Scotland Glengoyne Short Story Competition

We launched the Bloody Scotland Glengoyne Short Story Competition today at Blythswood Square – see http://www.bloodyscotland.com/competition/


Bloody Scotland

We announced the main sponsor for the Bloody Scotland festival and launched the website at www.bloody-scotland.com today. Even had my photo taken with Alex Gray and Lin Anderson.


Further Digging Around

After further digging around in the bottom of the old suitcase I’ve unearthed another half finished story.


Digging around in the suitcase under the bed.

I took the Christmas break as an opportunity to do a bit of early Spring cleaning. And failed.


No More Brown View On Life

After twenty issues of the local magazine Fiona, the person behind, My G76 has decided to call it quits. As such A Brown View on Life is no more (see elsewhere on the site for the published ones). Ah well all good things come to an end but if the mood takes me I may just pen one or two for the hell of it.



Waterstones have chosen ’59 Minutes’ as one of their promotional books for Christmas – good news.


Next novel

The following is the synopsis for my next novel – if it ever sees the light of day – I’ll publish the first chapter soon.


Bloody Scotland

The launch of Bloody Scotland took place today. the following was posted up by Stirling University – one of our partners in the festival: