Bloody Scotland/Glengoyne Serial

As I’m always up for a challenge I’ve agreed with Glengoyne to produce a crime short story in serial form on the run up to the Bloody Scotland festival. This will be published on their website on a weekly basis. This necessitates a visit to the distillery before I kick off and potentially a grueling lunch and tasting of their fine whisky – well someone has to do.


Bloody Scotland Glengoyne Short Story Competition

We launched the Bloody Scotland Glengoyne Short Story Competition today at Blythswood Square – see http://www.bloodyscotland.com/competition/


Bloody Scotland

We announced the main sponsor for the Bloody Scotland festival and launched the website at www.bloody-scotland.com today. Even had my photo taken with Alex Gray and Lin Anderson.


Further Digging Around

After further digging around in the bottom of the old suitcase I’ve unearthed another half finished story.


Digging around in the suitcase under the bed.

I took the Christmas break as an opportunity to do a bit of early Spring cleaning. And failed.


No More Brown View On Life

After twenty issues of the local magazine Fiona, the person behind, My G76 has decided to call it quits. As such A Brown View on Life is no more (see elsewhere on the site for the published ones). Ah well all good things come to an end but if the mood takes me I may just pen one or two for the hell of it.



Waterstones have chosen ’59 Minutes’ as one of their promotional books for Christmas – good news.


Next novel

The following is the synopsis for my next novel – if it ever sees the light of day – I’ll publish the first chapter soon.


Bloody Scotland

The launch of Bloody Scotland took place today. the following was posted up by Stirling University – one of our partners in the festival:


A Brown View on Life

Life On Mars


Summer Reads 2011

’59 Minutes’ has been included in the Ticket to Read Summer Reads for Scottish Libraries – good news – see http://www.booksfromscotland.com/News/Scottish-Events/Summer-Read-Selection-2011



Click here for an interview I did with Allan Guthrie on his excellent blog. Allan Guthrie – Criminal – E



Nostalgia – it’s a thing of the past? I was running a Social Media event on Thursday and some of the stats would scare you.


Falling is now an eBook

Great news. My publisher has been working hard and Falling is now available as an eBook - click here.


A Brown View on Life

Lost or Stolen?


A Brown View on Life

Weather God


Pulse 98.4

Scott and I did a special Laid Back from the Isle of Gigha – click here to listen – http://soundcloud.com/brown27/laid-back-may-13th/s-jcmxf


A Brown View on Life

Digital Dilemma


A Brown View on Life

Smashy and Nicey



I’m trawling through looking for favourite quotes. So far I like – ‘Creativity is the defeat of habit by originality.’ Arthur Koestler.


Crime Night

I’m appearing with Karen Campbell at The ‘Wee’ Fish and Chips Crime Night at Milngavie Bookshop on Monday the 21st of March. Details will be avilable soon at: http://www.milngaviebookshop.co.uk/bookshopevents.html


A Brown View on Life

Jailhouse Talk


Barlinnie Prison

Well the reading at Barlinnie Prison made the papers – see The Sun. An eye opening day. Alex Gray and Tony Black were the other writers on the visit (http://www.alex-gray.com/ and http://www.tonyblack.net/). I think I’ll do my next Brown view on the visit.


Off To Barlinnie

Should be interesting doing a reading in prison. I can’t decide what to read but I’m sure that a chapter from 59 Minutes – a book where a criminal gets his revenge might just go down well (or maybe not?).


The Herald

Yesterday’s Herald carried a piece in Ken Smith’s diary on the upcoming reading at Barlinnie:


A Brown View on Life

Back in Black


Flying Solo

I’m down to my first solo live outing on the radio this Friday. I’m on 5.00pm to 6.00pm Drivetime show on Pulse 98.4FM or live on www.pulseonair.co.uk.


A Brown View on Life

Religious Tea



Scottish Field review for 59 Minutes – click on http://www.scottishfield.co.uk/review/214-59_Minutes.html


A Brown View on Life

The Six Man Sledge