The crime of the century is about to be committed -

"Gordon Brown's Falling Too starts at a gallop and doesn't let up. A highly enjoyable read that is as much fun as it is gritty and pacey. This is Tartan Noir at its finest." - Matt Hilton, author of the Joe Hunter thrillers

Falling Too

In the early hours of a Thursday morning in August 1963, one of the UK’s most famous crimes was committed when a Royal Mail train, heading from London to Glasgow, was robbed of £2.6m. Over five decades later, the real mastermind behind the robbery, a man who got no credit – but wants it, is determined to top the original robbery by stealing the entire wealth of a fleeing Glasgow crime lord from a train – exactly where the original crime took place. Meanwhile Charlie Wiggs, a small-time, unassuming, accountant, discovers that his friend, Tina, has stolen a drawing worth £400,000 to pay off her debts – and it’s now in the Glasgow crime lord’s safe – on the same train. If Tina can’t get the drawing back she’ll go to jail – or worse. Desperate, she asks Charlie to help. Charlie has only one solution – team up with the violent, bitter mastermind, steal the drawing back – and become one of the most notorious train robbers in British history. ‘The Crime of the Century is About to be Committed – Again.’


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