Falling in the U.S.


It behoves me to say a few words about the U.S. launch of Falling.

It behoves me to say a few words about the U.S. launch of Falling. First off its a ‘mild’ edit of the original book, which came out in the UK a few years back. When I say mild I’m talking the best part of 10,000 edits. Most of this is down to an evolution of writing style over the last few years. Some of it is down to re reading the original and spotting some areas for improvement. A little is down to me fixing things that I missed the first time round.
I asked Eric, my publisher, at Down & Out, if I should consider ameliorating the book by tackling some of more choice Glaswegian language. Eric said no. A firm no. And all the better for it in my opinion. Ok so a few phrases may cause some to make a quick dash through Google. But I hope not. Where I saw language as being an issue I re read the surrounding text to see if the context aided. In all cases I’m happy. Now and again there are examples that might still cause a little head scratching. My view, for what it’s worth, is that this is no bad thing. Eric’s stable of writers come from a vast swathe of life. Every one has a different approach, but all of them have a laser focus on squeezing the best possible read onto the page. All of this is down to bringing character and plot to life. My book is set in Glasgow. Without a does of Glaswegian my characters would have been lifeless.
So have a read. And if you really don’t understand something I apologise.Falling – Down & Out Books