New Orleans – Bouchercon Day 1


I’ve been looking forward to Bouchercon for weeks but with Bloody Scotland landing the week before I haven’t had time to focus on it. Bouchercon is Set in New Orleans and I flew out from Glasgow on the Wednesday, catching the 9.00am flight to Newark. The trip got of to a great start with an upgrade. Then things slide backwards.

A Misty Manhattan on approach to Newark

I had a layover of 7 hours in Newark and, having been in New York a dozen times in the last year, I decided not to take the trip to town and prep for my Bouchercon panels.

This year there is a slew of UK crime authors en route to The Big Easy. I met Russel McLean at the Newark luggage pick up. I got chatting and failed to notice an earlier New Orleans flight. I could have flipped flights but, hey I was talking books and drinking coffee with Russel.

Russel was going via Washington and when he left I got down and dirty and read up on my fellow panellists until Facebook told me that Doug Johnstone was waiting on the same flight as me. A few weeks ago he had asked me for some tips on seeing Manhattan in three hours and was just back from The Big Apple. We tied up for a drink, then another drink – then another as our flight slipped from a 6:45pm departure to a 7:15 then 7:45 and then to 8:00 and then, big leap coming, 10:45pm.

What can you do. Drink, eat and wait.

Doug Johnstone helping me while away the hours in Newark Airport.

By the time we landed in New Orleans it was 12:30am local time and I got to the hotel an hour later. Total journey time – door to door – 24 hours – ouch.

Let’s hope Day 1 is easier on me.