New Start


I’ve just posted the following on Facebook and Twitter. ‘I need a line to star a new story. Happy to credit anyone that can help.’ Why?

Because I’m a writer. And writer’s need inspiration. Since I’m writing this less than thirty seconds after I posted I may find that no one contributes. Why should they? After all I’m just about to use their line to inspire a story that will have my name on it.
My plan is to list the lines here (please note if the next line is blank you’ll know why.)

‘It was a dark and stormy night , suddenly a shot rang out ….?’ Scott Ballantyne.
‘A long time ago in a galaxy far away…’ John Calderwood.
‘The bleeding had slowed.’ Mark Leggett.
‘He fought like mad while they tried to get the handbag off him..’ David Manderson.
‘There was a brick missing from the wall…’ Stewart McAbney.
‘I need a line to start a story.’ Joey Falco.
‘Once upon… you never got off’ David Barber.
‘It was a fully lit and windless night…’ Hugo Charles Hansen.
‘I woke up feeling fine, and then, I remembered what day it was’ Tracy Hall
‘I like what I do, but today is different. I know that I have to go through with this, but it’s not through choice or love.’ Si Skelly.
‘He throws a punch at me. I let my own punches explain why doing so is such a mistake.’ Graham Smith.
‘As I walked towards the station a piece of toast fell from the sky.’ Julie/Doug Easton
‘I turned around and there he was….’ Harley.
‘It was an ordinary cat in an extraordinary bag’ Paul Rudge.

And a few from me:

‘Holding the last card in the pack close to his chest, Malcolm wondered if he was about to die?’
‘Cherry blossom hung in the air as the pilot stripped naked and boarded the plane.’
‘It’s Tuesday.’ There he’d said it.’
‘The ship had a single yellow line running from bow to stern. Half way along it a severed finger stuck to the wait paint.’
‘Two days before Christmas. Three days before the loan was due.Four days would be a blessing.’
‘His fist punched another hole in the wall.’
‘It sounded like the last beat of a heart.’
‘Touch what?’
‘Mary’s eye lay on the floor.’