You can only run
For so long

‘The action in this novel grabs you by the throat, punches you about the body then gives you a good slapping.’ – CARO RAMSAY

Furthest Reaches

The US Strategic Petroleum Reserve has been destroyed by a white supremacist group. The attack has been hushed-up and time is of the essence if national and global economic meltdown is to be avoided. Having fled across America to evade capture by his nemesis, Senator Trampoline, McIntyre is now being ‘persuaded’ to work alongside him in the national interest. As he is forced to apply his unique ability to try to salvage the situation, McIntyre struggles to determine who is working harder to thwart him: his allies or his enemies. It might be safer to stay ahead of both. But that will entail delving into the furthest reaches of his mind. It might also mean kidnapping the most powerful leader on the planet.

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